My Mission

Design has the power to frame the way in which we perceive our world. It is a dynamic and systemic field that lies at the intersection of political, social, economic, cultural, and ecological realms. It is both spatial and temporal and, in it’s dynamism, has the capacity to enact change in individuals and societies as a whole. It is everything that we inhabit and experience. The combination of data analysis and design allows us to understand complex situations and identify with phenomena that would be otherwise incomprehensible.

I spent four years studying political science at Colorado College, with an emphasis on the influence of climate change, national security, and human rights. Additionally, I have a master's in Architecture and a certificate in GIS and have spent the majority of my life exploring the mountains and the deserts of the Southwest behind a camera or with a pen in hand.

Ultimately, I want to use design as a means of bringing both national and international awareness to our current ecological and socio-political issues. I’ve found that most people only care about things that they can understand or experience, and it is my hope that by combining my love for great design with my interest in cultural ecology, I will produce work that is beautiful and transformative, while also being able to give back to the relative communities. Design, photography, and the ways in which we inhabit our world spatially frame our understanding of the larger context that surrounds us. As designers, we are capable of creating great change by constructing an individual’s experience of the world for the better.

There are two things that interest me: the relation of people to each other, and the relation of people to land.
— Aldo Leopold: Wherefore Wildlife Ecology (unpublished manuscripts), in His Life and Work.




  • data visualization


  • Social Media Management